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Friday, 25 October 2013

Everquest II Guides and Tips - Writs in Neriak

First off, what is Ever-quest II? Ever-quest II is a MORPG that does exactly what it says on the tin, Quests are forever, you never run out of quests in this game and there is always something to do.

You can log on and quest, craft, design your very own house (or in my case my very own 15 houses) or you can level and play the dungeons as you go. Ever-quest II is also (if my mind serves me correctly) coming up for its’ 10th anniversary now so it is a well established MMO with loads to do and regular expansions out every year or two.

Where to find the writs in Neriak 

Writs are quests that gain you faction points within certain factions, you can then use their vendors to buy things with your faction status points. Neriak is one of the evil factions along with Freeport (which I will update later) It is a city built inside a mountain so it’s quite dark with many twists and turns and if you are new to the game it’s easy to become lost in there so here are your Writ NPC’s to help you on your way.

Level 20-25 Writs are available from ‘The Spurned’. This is a Mages faction and can be found in the Library of K’orn. You need to speak to ‘Laexa K’Oziana.

Level 30-35 Writs are available from ‘The disciples of Innoruk’, Priests faction. You need to speak to ‘Nathffyn DO’Vinitar’ to get the writs for this level.

Level 35-41 Writs are also available from ‘The disciples of Innoruk’, Priests faction. You need to speak to ‘Ervin T’Kix’ for these writs.

Level 41-45 writs can be found with the Scouts in ‘The Ebon Mask’ when you speak to Diuimar G’Zule.

Level 51 - 55 writs can be found in ‘The walk of the Dead’ section of Neriak in the midst of the Necromancers and Shadow Knights when you speak to ‘Quevolg S’Torate’

Level 55+ Writs come from ‘Kirak N’Tan who can be found with ‘The Indigo Brotherhood’ in the dockside markets area of Neriak.

So if you decide to play an Asarri, a Ratonga or a Dark Elf you could find yourself in Neriak. Feel free to go speak to some of these um…polite NPC’s and do your duty for Neriak …and earn yourself some faction status too!

Picture Courtesy of in game footage from Sony Online Entertainment

Rift places in Telara. Where are you?

For anyone that is relatively new to Rift and joined because Storm legion looked amazing...Welcome and it is amazing !

The worst thing about any MMO though is not knowing what to expect when you get to a new area so I decided to take a few pictures to show you some of the places you can get to through the porticulims around Telara.

This is Scarlet Gorge base. There is a hub here of Rare planer goods vendors, PVP vendor and general goods. You have a porticulim and a healer so it’s a really good bind spot. When you reach this hub however there is nearly always an earth rift on one side (which you don't need to go near) and there is always a foothold, usually Death at the other side which I advise you take out at every opportunity as they can get in the way when you are sent further afield. Scarlet Gorge has some hidden corners so make sure you explore or you will lose out on some quests.

Scarlet Gorge

The Chancel of Labours is in Iron Pine Peaks which if you can start solo at level 40, it is mainly level 40 to 50 zone but for small groups unless you are built for solo of course. I do have a solo build warrior soul tree you can look at and more info about playing solo in this article. The chancel of Labours is a large building and nice to look at but make sure you go all the way through to the back, past the globe or you will miss out on quests.

Chancel of Labours in Iron Pine Peak

When you look at the lake out at the very start of Iron Pine Peak be wary of which direction you explore in as there are different levels at north east and west side. There are Air and water elemental around and on the lake however there are also elites so be aware of what you are attacking before throwing the first hit. 

Also be aware that if you want access to the new content from the Storm legion expansion, make sure you choose the option to Tulan as this is a clearer route to the new map, if you choose Daemon loci you will be in a confined area with lots of fighting to get out of the first gate.

Thanks to Trion: Photo's are taken from in game footage within RIFT or the Trion worlds website.

Sorting out all my Gaming Notepads

OK to those of you who do not play MMO’s this may sound strange but to all of those people out there that like to track their Characters and make sure they are self sufficient with crafting you will understand…I hope, otherwise that just means I am an OCD Gamer ha ha .

The other night I was archiving all of my college stuff and notebooks as basically my term is over for all of one topic now. As I was going through these notebooks I found five of them were old gaming notes about various games.

In one I have skill training planned for two of my EVE characters and that just made me want to go back and use the plex in the corporate hanger so as I could dip in and play for a month or two again. I have a military based character and an explorer and they can be really fun to play if I am in the right mood to battle it out with 30 pirates or just go exploring and looking for wormholes. I am a casual player so I stick to sectors over 0.5 and occasionally chance my luck in 0.4 sectors, sometimes I am lucky and others …kaboom lol.

Another notepad had my old LOTRO notes in it, I actually uninstalled this over a year ago so these notes were thrown out. I had notes on Characters and Heritage Quests in two different books for EQII and these also made me want to log back in and play for a while but I suppose this is FTP now so I can if I want too.

Finally I found my notebook for all my RIFT stuff so I can update it and stop having to log in and out all the time to see who does what.

What I do have to do now though is go through all of these notes and maybe just re-write them all into one notepad as I know I will end up logging into EVE or EQII at some point so I am off to go start that now, anyone who has played EQII knows how long the heritage quests are so wish me luck on re-writing all of those! 

Picture of Eve Online Ammar Fleet attack; courtesy of and CCP 

World of Warcraft - Night Elf Druid

As previously mentioned in an another article there are various reasons WOW has recaptured our attention. Being able to play a really smooth game in regards to the graphics is one of them. Story-lines have become much more in depth and catch your curiosity more. Game simplicity is another reason for returning to World of Warcraft. They have made levelling easier and quicker too so you feel like you are getting somewhere now. I am able to walk into areas now that I got no-where close to when I played previously due to previous expansions and world destruction and its great.
If you are thinking of getting into a new morpg/MMO any time soon there are a good few out there right now but if you have ever played WOW or are completely new to the world of morpgs World of Warcraft is a must. With Mists of Pandaria due for release in September now is a good time to start too. I have no idea what the panda’s will bring but I am really looking forward to some of the story lines to come and following them all the way.

Will I do this with a Pandarian however? Who can say? At this time I am more than happy running around with my Night Elf Druid who has now hit level 30. At this point I will say that I am a casual player with no great knowledge of raiding. I do however have a good knowledge of playing solo or grouping and for casual players who like to dip in for an hour or two a couple of nights throughout the week, this knowledge can take you a long way when playing solo.

I chose to play a Night Elf Druid because I love Teldrassil. Teldrassil in all its glory is named by the Night Elf’s as the World tree of Azeroth. It is in fact the lesser Tree as the actual world tree was named Nordrassil. Nordrassil however took huge amounts of damage in the third war and it is said that Nordrassil will take many years to heal and re-grow. Many races believe that when Nordrassil is fully healed that the Night Elf’s will regain their immortality again. The city of the Night Elf’s, Darnassus was built on the world tree Teldrassil. Everything is decorated in white marble and the city has a regal look to it.

Darnassus is one of the easiest cities to navigate around which makes life easier for me as I have no sense of direction. The quest line is a simple one and although there are some references to later expansions such as Wrath of the Lich king and Cataclysm, their Quest line does not really change much until you are sent to Darkshore. Whilst working your way through Teldrassil however it is advisable to run to the outer most edges of the tree as there are one or two new, updated and fun quests to be discovered when you do.

Darkshore was hit badly after the Cataclysm and my first impression of it after remembering what it used to look like was (excuse the cliché) WOW! My first words if I remember rightly were “What the hell happened here?” This was closely followed by a stream of look at this, look over there and wow look at that statements. Now I have not been further than Stonetalon mountains as yet but from the devastation seen in Darkshore I am really looking forward to travelling through Azeroth and seeing what else Deathwing brought about.

Playing solo with a Druid is a fun experience and now I have hit level 30 I am looking forward to being able to duel spec my talent tree, however I am awaiting the patch 5.0.4 before doing this as there are some major game mechanic changes coming up in this area. (More later on that).
I have however chosen the Balance talent tree for my Druid. This spec allows me to damage or heal as long as I am not caught of guard with any large mobs. Using the balance spec I can comfortably deal with one on one elites (or two on occasion) and groups of two or three mobs at a time. I do sometimes need a breather after the battle if caught off guard, however carrying food and drink supplies as well as keeping up with various potions normally helps to speed up the rest break and I can move on. I would at this stage normally let you know where I have spent the talent points to give an idea on what works (for me, there are many other mixes out there so look around the net for other options too or just try out your own ;). Due to the patch update at this point however I feel it best to wait and set up an article for various talent trees at a later date.

Trade skills are important tools for any class. My Druid has taken herbalism and inscription to help boost her stats to help her in battle and lessen corpse runs. If you are new to the world of morpgs, corpse runs are few and far between. WOW seem to have kept that and it is now rarely seen in other games but I don’t mind it. It makes you focus more on things that will stop you dying such as good talent tree specs, good armour and a trade skill that backs up what your class needs. There will be more about these aspects of the game later too.

Overall I am only level 30 but in a casual player background getting to level 30 in under 6 weeks and having 8 other alts all above 20 is classed as good going. If you are the kind of player that likes exploring and following story lines a Night Elf druid is a good starting character and Teldrassil is a good starting zone however there are many other races to choose from and many other classes and over the next few weeks I will be writing about each one.

I am not one for die hard specs, specific armour, weaponry or inflexible class/race mixes so bear with me as I take you through the world of Azeroth from the eyes of a casual player.