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Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Rare Planar goods Vendors in Rift - Telara/Mathosia

I decided to write this article as we have had a lot of new players in game asking where the planar vendors are.  Planer vendors are in game NPC’s that trade you good armour/Weapons for Planarite different types of source stones (which you gain by joining in with Invasions).  These are forms of in game currency.  I highly recommend you seek them out as soon as you have your first 150 planarite and source stone as you can get your chest piece and leggings and this improves your stats greatly at low level.

Where do you find these vendors then?  First off, you’re looking for the Rare Planer Goods vendor and you can find them in the following locations.

In Freemarch you get the Porticulim to the Arch and run up the hill to ‘Kings Retreat’  you can see the vendor standing at the forge with the green arrow above her head.

In Stonefield you need to get to Granite falls (preferably via the porticulim) and run towards the Wardstone (Big grey and red stone over there) . The vendor stands beside this.

In Scarlet Gorge, you need to make your way to Scarwood Lift Base, you can port to it via the porticulim if you have connected previously.   If you look at the pictures you can see that the platform has a wooden ramp going up.  The planer vendor is at the end of the wooden Ramp.

In Scarwood Reach, you need to head to Perspice.  Again via Porticulim if you can, you can see the Rare Planer goods vendor in the picture not very far from the porticulim in Perspice.

In Moonshade Highlands you need to go to Timberveil, again the vendor is not far from the porticulim standing by the tent and little machine.

Finally (On the Mathosian map)  in Iron Pine Peak you need to run to (or port to) Whitefall Tavern, this is a tricky little town with lots of twists and turns into little squares of houses but ensure you head for the porticulim and you will see the NPS in the long white robes opposite, that’s your vendor.

Well I hope this little tour helps you get that good armour a little quicker now without you getting lost first, Happy Questing and ….make sure you close the Rifts on your way past !!