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Sunday, 29 December 2013

A Quick Guide to Map Reading in Guild Wars 2

When you log into guild Wars for the first time it can be a little overwhelming.

First off, you have some fantastic graphics to look at as you play through the game, I will advise my graphics are optimised for a mid range pc and even they are great.

You also have to get used to not running around looking for quest givers as per standard MMO's.

The First time I opened up the map I was a little confused as all I could see were symbols everywhere it slowed me down while playing as I had no idea what I was heading towards so here are some quick guidelines on what the icons mean on the map.

Starting at the top of the Map you have an incomplete Questing Area.  this is an area you may not have ventured into as yet or you may have started questing here but left to do something else and forgot about finishing the quest.  If you hover over these whilst in Map mode it tells you what level the area is so you know whether to try that area out or not.

Way-point in Game

Underneath that you have a Way-point that has been unlocked.  If the way-point was locked to you it would not be filled in blue but you would still see an empty,uncoloured, way-point.  You can use way-points for quick travel to any point on the map as long as you have unlocked them by previously visiting so these are really handy.
You then have the Skill point icons.  These are Quests that gain you skill points and can vary in difficulty.  If these are in filled blue, this means you have completed them, if they are however, only blue outlines, this means you can complete it.  to gauge the level check the closest heart symbol to the skill point icon.

Current live events happen in specific areas throughout the day you can join in if you happen to pass through but you don't have to.  They normally don't last overly long however if the event fails, another is set up to correct the failed event.  If there is a Way-point within the area of this symbol it will show as contested (showing two swords crossed over it) and you will not be able to use that way-point until the event is successfully completed.

Vista's are represented by two triangular symbols outlined in red if you have not discovered them as yet.  Once discovered they are in filled with red too.
These are always up high and often complicated to get too using calculated jumps and climbs to reach them.

Your Personal Quest line Takes you through to level 20 based on your choices of background during character creation and the Green star on the map is where you are due to go next.

I hope that covers things for you, there will be more on Guild Wars 2 over the coming weeks so please feel free to pop back and check out some more quick guides for beginners and Casual players.